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Quality certifications and insurance


Insurance - CMR


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For cargo insurance and other insurance services we cooperate with the insurance broker Crossroad Credit a.s.

Association memberships:

Our company is a member of:

  • Association of Road Transport Operators (ČESMAD BOHEMIA)
  • International Road Transport Union (IRU)






Quality policy

Quality policy

The company's management of C.D.O. Prague s.r.o. decided to create and implement a quality management system and environmental management according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

The reason for this decision was to become more competitive and provide customers with even better service. Company management is also aware that their activities which affect the quality of the environment. Development is therefore based on the harmonious reconciliation of economic growth, social justice and environmental protection, i.e. the principle of sustainable development.
In accordance with the decision of the company management, Quality and Environmental policies were established with the following principles:

  • Fulfill customer needs - the customer must be satisfied, must have and receive timely and accurate information 24 hours a day, customers expect advice and suggestions.
  • Implement and develop an integrated management system.
  • Preventing risks of pollution and prevent occurrence of incidents that could affect negatively on the environment, safety and health of our workers as well as damage properties.
  • Comply with ALL applicable laws and regulations in each of its activities across the company.
  • Permanently increase the skills of our workers and their preparedness for emergency situations.
  • Evaluates the nature and extent of the impact of company activities on the environment and on this basis carry out appropriate measures to reduce them.
  • We are committed to reducing the demand for resource consumption, especially in the area of fuel consumption.
  • Our goal is to improve safety on our roads. Even one human life is worth an increase in work effort of all our employees.
  • Well communicates with the general public, stakeholders and well cooperate with the state administration.
  • All staff must be provided with quality working equipment and

For the implementation of these principles is the responsibility of every employee.